Balcone - Sasso della Mantesca

  • It is the first sector that is encountered coming from the forest road. It proposes some movement on plaque interesting for the quality of the rock and for the exposure (SOUTH / EAST). The sector presented some revalued historical routes.
  • Access: Inside the grove surrounding the blocks follow the trail traces to a fork. The track on the left leads to the sectors: BALCONE, RIPOSTIGLIO, TINELLO and SGABUZZO. On the right, instead, continue to the CANTINA, LE SCALE AND L'ANDRONE sectors. For the more detached sector, the GARAGE, it is advisable to leave the forest and descend to the valley at the edge of the vegetation.
  • Crag: Sasso della Mantesca
  • Sector: Balcone
  • N. Routes: 3
  • Level: 4a/4b+
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: EAST - SOUTH / EAST
  • Note: Warning! Especially in the hottest hours, the BALCONY area, also likes a lot of cold-blooded animals (... snakes!). Vipers have also been sighted several times. Eyes open ... but do not exterminate everything that crawls !!!
  • Update: 2019/09/08
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N. Name Gr. Asc
1 Train 4b/4b+   1
2 Stay ( Faraway so close ! ) 4a+/4b   1



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