SAIGON - Sasso Ballaro

  • Small sector isolated from the others, much lower towards the lake in a frame of plants that recall the name of the sector.

  • Access: From the base of the pipes go straight along the path downhill (lake on the left) almost at the end of the trail you will find a fork and take a right (on the left you can see a building (pumping station)

  • Crag: Sasso Ballaro
  • Sector: SAIGON
  • N. Routes: 10
  • Level: 4c/7b
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: Southwest

  • Gear: Leftover of Construction Site

  • Type: Limestone

  • Update: 2021/01/12
  • Reads: 7461

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Gr. N. Name L. Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Asc
4c  Gruppo cinque giornate 10 m  
7b  Iride di luna 15 m  
6c+  maxtrolindo 8 m  
6c+  cattivo maestro 17 m  
Note: finale boulder
5c  I segreti del tabacchino 12 m 5c  2
Note: Canna atletica
5b  riempipista 15 m 5b  1
Note: muro lavorato
6a+  Germoglio 15 m 6b  1
7a  Odio a prima vista 13 m  
Note: molto boulder
7a  Viet Minh 10 m  
Note: Splendido boulder
6b  10  Trasmissioni generali 10 m 6b  1



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