Trombacci  - Punta Campanella (Sorrento Massa Lubrense)

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L1: 5a L2: 6a L3: 6b From the cave below sea level (so-called salt) starts a gorge where to cross to the mini-Tyrolean. The way attacks to the right of sea spider. DESCRIPTION OF THE EIGHT Way not very interesting if not for the last shot that is recommended to combine with sea spider


You leave the square of Termini following the yellow signs and after about 200m you leave the road that continues straight towards Monte San Costanzo and you start to go down. Up to the Punta there is practically no possibility of making a mistake: you follow the main road (whose condition gets worse as you move away from Termini) leaving on the left via Cercito and then on the right via Mitigliano. After this second intersection continue to descend to Cancello (passage between the ridge and a rock pinnacle). Before crossing this "entrance", if you make the excursion between January and March, you will see on the top left the beautiful "electric blue" flowers of the Lithodora rosmarinifolia, endemic plant of the Sorrento Peninsula and Capri. After several hundred meters practically flat, among olive groves, there is a small pitch on the right from which you can enjoy an excellent view of the Tower of Fossa di Papa (recently restored) and Capri. From this point on the road becomes even narrower and more uneven and after a while the final descent to Punta della Campanella begins. Before reaching the widening that overlooks the Minerva Tower (or Campanella) there is a path on the left that leads us into a gorge, go through it until you find on the right the first taps of "osmotic phenomenon" and looking to the right the rest of the "Umberto Iorio" sector


12 referrals and a 70m rope


at the end of the path along the path

  • Crag: Punta Campanella (Sorrento Massa Lubrense)
  • Level: s1 6b+ max , 6a obb
  • Height: 0-70 / 70 m
  • Open Date:
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: Southeast

  • Gear: Adriano Trombetta, Cristiano Bacci Who recognize the indispensable work done by the nailers? A work made even more noble and precious by its nature almost always free and voluntary . If today you can scale with wide margins of security throughout Italy, it is almost exclusively due to the work of these volunteers. Anyone can also contribute with one euro

  •    Latitude
    N 40.5696º
    E 14.3254º
  •    Latitude
    N 40.5818º
    E 14.3268º
  • Type: compact plate

  • Logistic: Path at times exposed, Mini-Tyrolean for access to the beam

  • Update: 17/06/2014
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