via Fixieland al Monte Forato - Marco Cencetti via Fixieland al Monte Forato
Marco Cencetti



One of the first routes of Tuscany open in the mountains with systematic use of bolts by Marco Cencetti and wife Lorella Matteini.
The route attaches to the left of a large monolith of clearly visible rock, in the plaque to the left of the great vault. It is a street in the style of the nearby Via Vigiani (7b +), but with much more affordable degrees, however given the distance of the protections, sometimes to be integrated, and the not always optimal rock, we recommend this itinerary to climbers accustomed to this style of climbing.
Useful friend n. 2 or medium dice, several hourglass cords.


From the village of Stazzema take the dirt road to the Forte dei Marmi refuge parking area. Continue on foot to the mouth of the Porchette and where the path climbs sharply towards the mouth, leave it to traverse towards the N until finding the base of the obvious O wall of M. Forato.
You can alternatively climb directly from the underlying town of Cardoso (a bit tiring but more direct).

First Climb:

Marco Cencetti e moglie Lorella Matteini


Friends dice and cords.


For the via ferrata of the Monte Forato.

  • Crag: -
  • Level: 6c
  • Height: 170 m
  • Open Date: ottobre 1995
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: west

  • Gear: Opened from below by Marco Cencetti and Moglie Lorella Matteini and friends in 1995 entirely with bolts, sometimes long.

  •    Latitude
    N 44.0166º
    E 10.3331º
  •    Latitude
    N 44.0007º
    E 10.3232º
  • Type: solid and well worked solid limestone

  • Note: Si tratta di 4 tiri lunghi più uno di uscita in vetta. Le difficoltà sono maggiori nei primi 2 tiri, ambiente aereo.

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