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Antimedale - v. relazione Antimedale Antimedale
v. relazione Antimedale



Classic and interesting itinerary, on a rock that is excellent for plaques. optimally equipped with resin. attacks in common with the via chiappa and after a few meters it detaches to the left. recommended


From Lecco follow the signs for the Manzoni hospital and then for the Val Sassina. After passing the Malavedo district and the bridge just beyond the Bar Sole, at a narrow hairpin bend on the right, follow the Via Quarto to the left. Once you reach a small square (the bus terminus is present) take the road on the right that goes up suddenly (ignore the prohibition) until you reach a closed bar where you can park (be careful because the available seats disappear quickly). Continue past the bar and, at the first bend, leave the asphalt road continuing to the left along a path that runs along the rock-and-roll nets until you come across a pole that indicates the Antimedale and the Medale ferrata. Follow the path that climbs into the woods and goes around other metal nets. Reached a gravelly channel up to the presence of the wall, at the base of the streets the names are written with paint

  • Crag: Antimedale
  • Level: 6a+ (5c obb)
  • Height: 200 m
  • Open Date:
  • Beauty:
  •    Latitude
    N 45.8734º
    E 9.3960º
  •    Latitude
    N 45.8726º
    E 9.4012º
  • Update: 06/08/2016
  • Reads: 9629

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N. Pitch Description Level
1 L1 per facili cengie 4a
2 L2 placca 5a
3 L3 strapimbino e poi diedro 6a+
4 L4 a sinistra per placca e poi su evidente spigolo 6a
5 L5 si evita strapiombo a sinistra poi per placca e fessure 6a+
6 L6 diedro in comune con la via degli istruttori 6a



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