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  • Val Thuras, is a small and graceful little valley, lateral to the main axis of the Dora Riparia basin, it is located in the upper part of the Val di Susa, upstream of the town of Cesana Torinese, well known above all by the people of the ski mountaineers, who during the winter they cover its slopes far and wide. During the summer it is almost forgotten, as there are no walls or itineraries worthy of fame; which is not true, because on its tops we find some ridge crossings, very interesting in terms of alpinism. However, also in this corner of the valley have been equipped a pair of cliffs, which have nothing to envy, the most noble walls of the nearby Brianconnais, only frequent during the summer, but that will give you some beautiful itineraries, immersed in a pleasant alpine climate. Among other things, in the small town of Thuras, we find a great place to stay and eat, in which case we decide to extend the stay. The Griserie crag is located in a beautiful environment and guaranteed freshness, are the prerogatives for this cliff, little known and very little exploited. The walls are located inside a small canyon, narrow and wild in the lower part, where we find the most difficult sector, with several shots on grade seven; while in the upper sector, it widens to form a stupendous grassy basin. The altitude of about 1900 meters, the exposure to the east that hides the sun already from late morning, and the very ventilated place, make this cliff perfectly suited to periods of scorching heat, instead becomes inadvisable outside the summer. As already mentioned, the crag develops on two sectors: 1 - Inferior: where we find a dozen pitches with medium to high difficulty, the rock is a beautiful limestone, of blackish color in the vertical areas, which turns red / yellow in the overhanging areas, the ways that appear to be mediocre to the appearance, however, become very beautiful as soon as you attack. The nailing, even if not impeccable, is however more than acceptable, in general it is quite mixed, in the sense that we find itineraries totally or partially riveted with resinated eyebolts, close to others still equipped with bolts and fixes, from 8-10 mm. that despite the younger age, they still give full security. The length of the shots is about 20/25 meters with some that reach 30 meters. 2 - Superior, wider and open, characterized by a beautiful grayish limestone rock, which at the top of some streets becomes superb, given the perfectly vertical conformation and the wealth of concretions, holes of sharp notches and huge flared rounds. On the wall there are some grassy ledges, which practically do not disturb the climb excessively. Almost all the routes are composed of two pitches, which can be climbed with a single length of rope, the height thus becomes 30 - 35 meters and about fifteen referrals are needed; not always the ropes in the high-wheeled moulinette are comfortable, as some routes have been designed to be climbed with two lengths of rope and rappel. The nailing resumes the style of the lower sector, then partly with resinated eyebolts and partly with traditional dowels, (bolts of 8 and 10 mm) overall however always good, what can be said and that on some streets we find a spacing between the protections of old conception, therefore not very homogeneous and with the first sometimes high nails.

  • Access: From Oulx, which can be reached via the Frejus A32, head towards the Monginevro pass to the town of Cesana, after which do not turn to the pass, but continue straight past the village heading towards Bousson. Once in the vicinity of the Casini degli Alpini, in the small village of Bousson, turn right and along the asphalt road reach the hamlet of Thures, in a roundabout, just below the buildings, take the dirt road to the Thures valley, after a couple of kilometers go through the hamlet of Rhuilles, continue on the dirt road until the end of the plateau. Here we find an indication Palestra di roccia, but that is not related to the Griserie crag, then continue again for the dirt road, which now goes up with some turns, becoming more bumpy, after a couple of kilometers there is a wooden bridge, beyond which we find some pitches to park. Alternatively, you can leave the car at the bottom of the plateau and follow the hairpin bends (20 min.) From the bridge follow the indicated path, "Palestra di roccia", after a few minutes cross the stream to the left, head towards a collar, point of entry into the canyon, descend briefly into the grassy valley reaching the upper sector, 10 min from the car, for the lower sector still descend along the gorge for a few minutes.

  • Crag: Val Thuras - Griserie
  • N. Routes: 25
  • Level: 5a/7c
  • Height: 1720 mt.
  • Beauty:
  • Latitude/Longitude
    N 44.9075º/E 6.8363º
  • Latitude/Longitude
    N 44.9077º/E 6.8360º
  • Coordinates Precision:
  •  Mainteners / Best Wikiers: manu: 28,
  • Update: 01/03/2015
  • Reads: 9436

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Sectors (Routes)

N. Name Routes Grade
1 InferioreInferiore 12 6a/7c
2 SuperioreSuperiore 13 5a/6c
N. Name Length Level



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