• After the town of Canal San Bovo continue towards Caoria before a large rockfall park the car in a small parking lot on the right

  • Access: Go up a steep path for about 5 minutes then on a stone there is a sign indicating the cliffs continue for another 5 minutes on an easy path and you arrive at the crag

  • Crag: Caoria
  • N. Routes: 22
  • Level: 4a/7b+
  • Height: 1040 mt.
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: All
  • Rock: Granite

  • Latitude/Longitude
    N 46.1779º/E 11.7023º
  • Latitude/Longitude
    N 46.1789º/E 11.7033º
  • Coordinates Precision:
  •  Mainteners / Best Wikiers: miki: 23, mazzu77: 1, Diego69: 1,
  • Update: 08/07/2016
  • Reads: 15785

Area Gallery

Vista della parete - Up climbing Vista della parete
Up climbing


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Sectors (Routes)

N. Name Routes Grade
1 Le VieLe Vie 22 4a/7b+
N. Name Length Level



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