Vista di un Pilone - Patabang Vista di un Pilone

  • Thanks to the initial effort by Alessandro Ronchi and then by Marco Santambrogio (and friends) we can now change our climbing in Falesia with a fun variant ... Pylons! They are the "Friends of the bridge". - Road map on site - Self-insurance rings can be found at the base of the pillars. NB: Cleaning and respect for the environment are welcome. Good fun!!!!!!!!! For more info: - ​​Ponte Peregallo

  • Access: See the instructions in the specific sections of the individual Pylons.

  • Crag: Peregallo
  • N. Routes: 52
  • Level: 4a/7b
  • Height: 250 mt.
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: All
  • Rock: Concrete conglomerate

  • Latitude/Longitude
    N 45.6412º/E 9.2895º
  • Latitude/Longitude
    N 45.6386º/E 9.2907º
  • Coordinates Precision:
  •  Mainteners / Best Wikiers: shywah: 18, spleenlady: 5, iltrex: 2, zar87: 1, Climb0n3: 1,
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  • Update: 22/08/2018
  • Reads: 51523

Area Gallery

Cartina - Patabeng Cartina

Pilone di Gerno - io Pilone di Gerno


Pilone Principale (5c/6a) - Bartoli Niccolò Pilone Principale (5c/6a)
Bartoli Niccolò


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Sectors (Routes)

N. Name Routes Grade
1 Pilone PrincipalePilone Principale 29 4a/7a+
2 Pilone di GernoPilone di Gerno 16 6a/7b
3 Pilone RanchPilone Ranch 7 6a/7b
N. Name Length Level



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