Val Lomasone - Dasindo


  • In the Giudicarie Esteriori (Western Trentino), near the now known TERME DI COMANO famous for skin care, there is a small valley very interesting for different aspects; geomorphological, botanical and faunistic above all. One can find among other things a humid area of ​​environmental protection called Biotope, very interesting because it is home to some of the rare species of plants and insects. '' It is the VAL LOMASONE or Lomasona so called by the locals. Enclosed between the overhanging cliffs of Mount Misone and Monte Casale, it marks the San PIETRO pass at its most extreme point from which you can get to the basin of Lake Garda. And right on the west wall of Monte Casale, in an isolated area that offers a beautiful view over the valley, is the ROCK PALACE of VAL LOMASONE. It is geographically opposed to the most famous gyms of the Lower Sarca area of ​​Pietramurata, Dro and Arco, which are located on the east wall of the same mountain. '' The Rock School of Val Lomasone was founded in '94 by the initiative of some climbers in the area, meeting in the 'GROUP ROCCIATORI DEL LOMASO'. At the beginning with a hard work of loathing and stabilization of the ground below, then with the opening and the nailing of the streets that slowly gave life to the gym. '' Today these routes are 56, all bolted to expansion with bolts, rest stops and signaling the name of the street at the base. Difficulties range from a 5th to 8th degree, with some routes still to be 'opened' given the difficulties above the 8th degree; some are two shots and reach 60 meters in height. The wall has a development of about 200 meters and is divided into three sectors, easily detectable by the signs and the map. Detailed map that can be found on the bulletin board on the access path and continuously updated by the Rocciatori Group.

  • Access: From Trento and Riva up to Ponte Arche- Terme di Comano and then climb towards the Passo del Ballino up to Dasindo. From here, take the Val Lomasone to the Pisciculture junction, then continue to the easily detectable parking lot on the road after passing the Malga and looking up to the left you can already glimpse the rock face. From the parking area to an easy path, on the left of the road, you reach the base of the rock wall in 15 minutes.

  • Crag: Val Lomasone - Dasindo
  • N. Routes: 128
  • Level: 2a/8a+
  • Height: 700 mt.
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: West
  • Gear: Rocciatori di Lomaso Group

  • Rock: The gym in these years has been the destination of many Italian and foreign climbers and has aroused an excellent impression both for the quality of the rock and for its very particular morphology and of course also for the good nailing.

  • Latitude/Longitude
    N 46.0110º/E 10.8640º
  • Latitude/Longitude
    N 46.0120º/E 10.8650º
  • Coordinates Precision:
  •  Mainteners / Best Wikiers: emaborsa: 195, up96: 1,
  • Logistic: Description of the crag in German: Stadler-Markus

  • Update: 29/03/2016
  • Reads: 70318

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Sectors (Routes)

N. Name Routes Grade
1 Primo SettorePrimo Settore 12 5b/7b+
2 Secondo SettoreSecondo Settore 31 5a/8a
3 Terzo SettoreTerzo Settore 28 5c/8a+
4 Quarto SettoreQuarto Settore 30 2a/6c+
5 Quinto SettoreQuinto Settore 27 5b/7b+
N. Name Length Level
1 Diedro Lomasone 120 m. 4c/6b+
2 Via Carfes 110 m. 5a/7b
3 Via Supersayan 140 m. 6c+/7b+



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