Fronte - Sasso di Lucoli

  • Felsspitze: Sasso di Lucoli
  • Sektor: Fronte
  • N. Routen: 8
  • Schwierigkeitsgrad: 4c/7a+
  • Schönheit:
  • Breitengrad/Längengrad
    N 42.2765º/E 13.3584º
  • Breitengrad/Längengrad
    N 42.2800º/E 13.3538º
  • Genauigkeit Koordinaten:
  • Falesia Accomodation, B&B Unterkunft: "Ocre Chalet"
    Feel the essence of a natural holiday. The Chalet (ECOLEADER certificated) is located on the slopes of Monte Ocre near San Felice, not far from the city of L'Aquila (10km), and at 18km from the ski resort of "Altopiano delle Rocche" and 20 km from the "Funivia del Gran Sasso". It's a wooden structure (blockhouse type - see photo gallery) and through the application of modern concepts of green building makes anti-sismic and an Energetic Class A building.
    Tel.: +39 0862 751045
    Mob.: +39 340 7894800
  • Aktualisiert am: 2016/07/22
  • Gelesen: 4760

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Gr. N. Name L. Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Wid
6a/6a+  Alta tensione 8 m  
7a/7a+  Solo 8 m  
6a+  Leggerina 11 m  
6b+  Sbuffando sbuffando 11 m  
6a+  Cincilucerne 11 m  
6a+  Via dei buchi 11 m  
5c+  Gardando ju Matrò 8 m  
4c/4c+  Prima botta 10 m  



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