Cerco compagni/informacione per arrampicare vicino Pisa

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Cerco compagni/informacione per arrampicare vicino Pisa

Ciao a tutti,
Qualcuno è stato al Muzzerone recente? E 'troppo caldo per andare questo fine settimana?

Grazie mille.

Original Post:

I am visiting Pisa for a month and would like to go climbing on weekends.

I was told that Muzzerone would be too hot at this time of the year, and that I should instead go to Le Rocchette or Camaiorese.

Is Muzzerone really that hot? Are there many climbs in the 5 and 6 range at those other cliffs?

Also, is anyone planning to go there soon, and willing to show me around?

I have found two partners (also visitors) to climb with this coming weekend (May 31st/June 1st). However, we only have one rope, so if someone else with a rope needs a partner we could make two parties of two.

In any case, information from locals (e.g. how to get there) would be greatly appreciated!

28/05/14 @ 14:18:11
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