Cellulare (telefonino) vic Dentde Geant/Arrete d Rochefort

Arrampicata e Alpinismo

dalla scarpetta al chiodo da ghiaccio...


Cellulare (telefonino) vic Dentde Geant/Arrete d Rochefort

I have lost my mobile (phone) near Dent de Geant / Arrêt de Rochefort.
A boy named Roberto found it! Please get in touch with Rob 's England.

I have lost if mobile phone while descending from Dent de Geant via Helbronner lift.
I know that Bob found him and gave his number to my friend, but the number has been 'lost.

If you are Roberto 📧 rdamon@newvic.ac.uk please contact me via email

Or if you can put an ad I will be grateful, because 'I have all my photos of the climb in the cell.

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01/09/09 @ 11:21:48
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