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Sicily - guidance for non - Sicilian


On 5th of October I and my friend come to Sicily for the first time. We would like to climb, meet people and your culture. We will land at Trapani, and our first destiny will be probably Palermo region.

As it is difficult to find information about Sicily in my country, I'am looking for someone who could help me to plan my trip.

Could you recommend worth-climbing sectors, rating from very easy routes to 6b? How to get to this sector? Is it allowed and save to sleep in a sleeping bag near rocks? (we are planning a low budget trip).

If you are a local climber and would like to show us your surroundings, some nice rocks, spending time in a freindly atmosphere, we would be very happy.

For any help or information, thanx You!

my e-mail address: 📧

26/09/10 @ 21:27:51

Re: Sicily - guidance for non - Sicilian

Welcome on
Start surfing this site:
Free climbing in Sicily
it has a lot of infos regarding what your looking for.

Then you can find some other infos on

here: Sicily and Eolian

Enjoy Sicilia.

28/09/10 @ 21:06:37
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