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Hello! I am now studying in Perugia, and I am wondering about the closest possible climbing place!! Where can I go? Any websites, or other contactinformation? I know there are not good possibilities around here, but what is the closest?

Thank you!


03/09/03 @ 13:27:17


I'm sorry for late, but I didn't see your e-mail before.
You can find some contact in a gym with a practice wall in via Diaz in Perugia.
Regarding the climbing places close to Perugia you can go to:
PALE --> place close to Foligno; about 50 Km from perugia
FERENTILLO --> place close to Terni - Cascate delle Marmore; about 100Km from Perugia
SORIANO --> place close Viterbo (Bouldering); 120 km from Perugia
You can find information regarding this places on the guide 'Vuoto Compreso'.

There are many other places in Tuscany and in Marche; you can find some information surfing in the web.

bye bye, Marco.

08/10/03 @ 20:37:19
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