Best area to climb near Rome

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Best area to climb near Rome

Dear italian climbers 🙂
Me with my friends are going to Sperlonga to spend our spring holidays
But also I would like to visit any other climbing area near Rome ( about 2 hours by car will be perfect)
Which one would you reccommend to visit? Which one is more interesting and worth climbing?
Grades: 7a - 7b (FRA)
What about Ferentillo? Could you tell me something special about this area?

Thank you very much in advance!

02/04/14 @ 11:38:50

Re: Best area to climb near Rome


in 2 hours there are many beaufiul climging area you may visits.

One of the best and famous in the world is: Grotti with a big number of routes above 6b until 8b+.

You may also check all the crags named Pontine:

there are 3 crags very close.


See the maps for other available crags:
Satellite maps


02/04/14 @ 20:02:01
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